About Us




…have the vision to be among the world’s pioneer information technology companies that create real value.


Our mission is to develop custom software applications; to go beyond the customer satisfaction by ensuring the customer enthusiasm and loyalty; and to actualize qualified, competitive, and distinctive solutions.


We work within the framework of a set of values that can be outlined as follows: We are aware of our business responsibilities; Our main focus is our clients. — We are aware of our professional responsibilities; Our team is agile and progressive.  We are aware of our ethical responsibilities; We are transparent and honest to our clients and other stakeholders, and are respectful to our competitors. We are aware of our social responsibilities; We develop business processes that create value for our clients, our team, the whole society, and the planet.  We are aware of our global responsibilities   We use natural resources and the technology responsibly. We are an enthusiastic, fair team of professionals with a grounded self-esteem; We enjoy coding, and we do what we do with love. We embrace diversity and encourage participation. We consider ergonomics and the inner peace of individuals in the workplace.


We work with some particular project management methodologies. Bilisim Aktorleri, a “Scrum” team that has completed several software projects successfully since 2009, is comprised of experienced, competent, and multidisciplinary members. Both in-house projects and contract works (including those promoting university-industry collaboration) of the team succeeded to be qualified for grants from different national / multinational funds and institutions.


We have significant competitive advantages (e.g. strict implementation of software engineering processes; commitment to requirements analyses; utilization of different prototyping and software development life cycle models; test-driven development; ability to use of new generation database concepts -graph, document-oriented etc.-) in reaching global businesses.